Career Essay: Orthopedic Surgery

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Growing up with five other siblings can be a struggle, especially when you are the youngest. From always feeling obligated to be better than my older siblings in school and making smarter life choices than they did, always seem to make things for me a little tougher.To my mom never really who never had the chance to complete high school.Despite having hose things in mind, I managed to Receive so many awards or accomplishments such as being the scholastic standout to being the part of top ten rank students of the class of 2018 at my school. Such as that would make others proud but yet blind others from seeing how much weight I bare my shoulders. When I was a child I never really wanted toys to play with instead I wanted to read books or play…show more content…
I believe the fact someone could break his or her bones made me wonder how exactly he or she get it fixed and how it heals.With the help from doing some research, I discovered with the assistance of an orthopedic surgeon and some aftercare with a therapist.The orthopedic surgeon fixed or replace broken bones and help prescribe medications to heal broken bones and a therapist usually supported with exercises that help the injury to function normally. Later on, I realized broken bones are like a big puzzle that needs to be solved, and that they can tell a person 's story without me even knowing this person whether it is the right or wrong story that is why being a forensic anthropologist is my second career passion. Beginning a legendary story or time of history is incredible for anyone.For instance, in my case going to college would be a great way of me able to pursue the career of my dream. Once I am financially stable, I can be able to make other people in my family dreams come to life by giving them the opportunity to attend any college and become anything they hope to be.That is why I believe starting a new tradition once I go to college would allow me to be the one in the family they look up to and say things like “hey I want to be just like

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