Mechanical Engineering Technician Essay

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Introduction: I know that I will need to go to the job finally and earn money. I know that do a job that is in my interest is very important. The job itself need to have a decent average salary in order to live with it. Salary is important but not the only thing should be considered. Having a good job is essential to my life. By doing the research, I can take a deeper look into which job fits me most. Before, I only know which area my interested job belongs to such as a broad word "engineering". However, now I know I am suitable for mechanical engineering technician. By doing the research I can also know what in specific my job would require my personal skills that way I can major in more aimed. I can also know in which area for this job can make most money that way I can choose to stay in that state in the future. The Search:…show more content…
After all my researches done, I find out the educational level is actually higher than I expected. I will say a good degree would be Associates' or other 2-year degree ( Career transition 1) and after the interview I had with an engineer, he even said a nice degree for this job will be a master degree or double majored master degree( Stephen Mead ). It is not a job that everyone just graduated from a high school can do! Further, if I meet the educational level I still need to know how to use computer programs such as CAD, Matlab and other physical tools such as Injection molders, Lathes, Layout squares, Linear amplifiers, etc.(Career transition 1). I don't personally think everyone know how to use so many tools and programs this job indeed needs a high education and specific training. If I want to pursue mechanical engineering technician job, I need to major in certain subjects and work hard to get a degree as high as I can and just even begin to use some of the tools. In that way I can be well prepared and having a good chance to receive my job
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