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Career Exploration Paper There a lot of things I want in life and good career where I can help people is one of them. I feel as if the following jobs will allow me many opportunities to help many people in various settings. The first job I was interested in is being a dog trainer. Not an obedience dog trainer, but a legitimate member of the task force that trains dogs to detect illegal or dangerous substances such as cocaine, opiates, and bombs. My duties would be to design a learning program for the dogs, which would feature rigorous and repetitive drills. I would be responsible for cleaning the kennels and making sure they dogs are being fed their nutritious meals. There is a company up north that trains the dogs and sells them to the K-9…show more content…
I would have a lot of paperwork and clients to meet with, I would review their cases and study the law surrounding the issue. I would defend my client(s) in court and have to talk in front of a jury without rambling or becoming nervous. A person would need to attend law school, pass the bar exam, and renew their lawyer license every year or so (depending on what state you reside in.) My DWYA state that my strengths are thinking quickly and create helpful relationships, which would really come in handy during the course of my career. It states that a weakness of mine is exaggerating facts, which would come in handy in the cut-throat lawyer world. An advantage would be knowing I have to power and ability to help others through the words of persuasion. The disadvantage would be having to represent a client that I did not morally agree with, but having to represent due to the obligation of my work. This matches the DWYA career portion where it lists “lawyer” and “environmental law”. The outlook is slowly rising, especially when it comes to corporate lawyers. The national average salary for a lawyer is $77,252, which would set up a comfortable lifestyle for me and my charities.
I have no idea if I will achieve any of these jobs, or if these are even the jobs for me. I just want to make the world a better place, and I am not sure if that path includes a clear cut career. No matter what, I will leave my mark on this

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