Career Fair Benefits

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Throughout society today the norm has become that you attend college to obtain a degree that will prepare you for your field of interest. However, to obtain the ideal career your brand must be positive. Career fairs allow you to showcase your brand, and present what you have to offer to particular businesses. The resume you prepare and the interactions with recruiters are the ways career fairs effectively communicate your brand to potential employers. In other words, career fairs are essential to everyone. As a result, preparation is key to ensure you are making a positive impression and leaving the recruiters remembering your resume. To prepare, I looked over the list of companies that were expected to participate in the career fair. After taking a brief look, I identified a couple businesses that caught my eye. In addition, I identified a couple business that I know were reaches at the time, and safe ones to be used as practice for the companies I truly wanted to pursue internships and job shadows for. To continue, walking into the career fair was nerve wrecking. I took a minute to relax, calming my nerves. While I calmed my nerves, I practiced my pitch and prepared some questions I wanted to ask. Afterwards, I approached AbbVie,…show more content…
Additionally, research I did served me well when communicating with recruiters. However, my flaws include: my projection, body language, nerves and the lack of a padfolio. I plan on being confident in my brand in the future to prevent these failures from occurring again. In addition, I feel my resume could have been more competitive, so I will be working toward improving it as the semester progresses. My goal is to obtain a job shadow for one of the companies I talked to at the career fair. I hope to make a good enough impression during the job shadow to obtain an internship, and potentially find my
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