Career Fair Case Study

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I learned many things at InstaCareer that will assist me in preparing for a career fair or networking event. One thing I learned is to wear either a suit, or the equivalent of a suit without the jacket. This will make me look more professional, and marketable to potential employers. Another thing I learned is it is better to have a professional looking portfolio to carry my resumes around in. This will accomplish two things for me. First, it gives me something to hold onto with my hands so I don’t look awkward from being nervous. Second, it gives me a more professional feel to the potential employer when I hand them a resume out of my portfolio. I also learned to bring multiple copies of my resume printed on resume paper. This makes me look more professional and will give me an upper hand on someone who doesn’t have their resume printed on resume paper. Something else I learned is that it is extremely important to do my research before attending a career fair. I need to look at all the companies who are attending the career fair, narrow down to which ones will be the most important for me to talk to, and research each of those individual companies. InstaCareer also taught me more about the importance of making a good first impression on someone. I will need to use a firm handshake, smile, and make eye contact with the recruiter. One of the more valuable things I learned is that I need to create a 30 second “elevator pitch” to sell myself to a potential…show more content…
I consider this the most important thing because this 30 second speech that I will be giving to my potential employers is the first impression they will have of me. From what I’ve learned, first impressions can’t be stressed enough. On top of that, at a career fair, this 30 second speech is the only thing these recruiters have to judge me by other than by my
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