Career Fair Narrative Report

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Mock Career Fair Get there early. I vaguely remember hearing those words during our first seminar class together, and as soon as I entered the door I could see why. Sadly due to my schedule, which had me going from 12:30 to 3:20, getting there early was not an option. However that lesson is one that will not soon be forgotten, and hopefully during the real career fair my schedule will be a little bit more open. The first table I stopped by was the McGladery booth. To be completely honest, going into the conversation I had no idea what it actually was the McGladery actually did. In elementry school I had a friend whose father worked for the company, and since then I had always been curious. But after briefly introducing myself to the recruiter, I informed him that I was a first year smeal student who was looking for general information on different companies. The recruiter, who I believe was named Kyle, was incredibly nice and informative. He went on to explain that he was in my same situation not too long ago and then told me a bit about the company. From the way Kyle talked, McGladery sounded like a larger accounting like company, but it was the end of the…show more content…
At McGladery, it seemed that all the recruiters were happy to be there and all seemed incredibly knowledgeable about internships and jobs. The second company I talked to was EY, and the person I talked to was not memorable at all. I do understand that I was there towards the end of the day, but the guy I talked to seemed to want to be anywhere but there. When I finally got a chance to talk to him, he did not seem knowledgable about his company, and seemed to get almost annoyed at very basic questions. After about 30 seconds he just directed me to a series of pamphlets and said have a nice day. I guess not every visit will be a winner, but one would think a company would send their friendlies people to try and
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