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Career goals: Describe your career interests and any experience you have related to this career. Why and how do you think the Crosby MBA Program will help you reach your goals?
“Hey penguin!”, a 10-year-old boy had not noticed his defected pointing finger until he received tease from peers. “When you got the accident 8 years ago, I could not afford the expense to cure your finger in a large hospital in the capital”, mother’s explanation sparked a lasting dream in that little boy. His future mission is to provide financial support for people in need.
Given my background as an insurance and marketing specialist, I am well aware that the emerging life insurance market in Vietnam would be fundamentally driven by digital marketing, insights from big data, and application of cutting-edge technology. I want to be the person who will drive essential changes of the market as well as proactively react to unexpected situations. My short-term goal is to be a senior marketing analyst working for Swiss Reinsurance. After two years with international experience, I would move back to Vietnam to work in a major life insurer as a marketing manager. Holding this position,
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It was my image after I finished IELTS exam in May 2013. My family and friends urged me to take a master degree in Europe, Australia, or Singapore. I stepped back to think critically about my future career goals. I later on decided to take a rougher route: an MBA in the US. That decision sealed an amazing part of my life: I then set up a self-study GMAT group with bright members, set up Thu Quan Doanh Nhan branch, practiced marketing, became a GMAT tutor. More important, I have built up extensive social connections with professionals and leaders of various fields. Experience from these activities, combined with a much more thorough understanding of the life insurance industry, would be beneficial for my future

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