Application Essay To Pursue My Career As A Business Manager

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I started to assemble my professional life’s round in the late 1997s, when I was employed by PT Telekomunikasi Indonesia as their junior administration staff. After spending couple years of services, I got my first promotion in 1999 and became a Public Service Specialist.
In 2002, I got my further promotion and was assigned as an Account Manager. From this moment, I officially involved in the exciting episode of a leadership role.
I spent the next fascinating 8 years in the Marketing and Sales Department, and have found my true passion in Marketing and Business Strategy field. I also obtained an early insight of my career goal which gradually matured during this particular period.
My first assignment in a senior management level started in 2010, as I was promoted and appointed as a General Manager. In the next three years, I
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Such a role would give me the opportunity to thoroughly involve in marketing and business strategy executions and to drive business process excellences within the company. Furthermore, this career’s chapter will help me to achieve my long-term goal – becoming a CEO in a major multi-national company.
Being drifted away by the pace of working life and pursuit of career advancement in almost sixteen years of employment, I have unwittingly pulled away from attempting a further education. It is such a dilemma that in every career improvement that I have accomplished, the need for knowledge enhancement and latest best practice references has become my primary concern in relation to the prerequisite professional skills that I have to obtain to support my duties.
Two years ago, I realized that I should immediately go back to university and acquire a higher degree to be in favor on my future career leap. From that moment, I looked forward to having these

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