Career Goals For Graduate Studies

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There are few decisions in life that will affect you as profoundly as the decision to seek higher education. The degree you earn is both a ticket to personal and professional fulfillment and a badge representing hard work and dedication. The world is built by people who have trusted to their own unshaken will in hope and in despair. Those are the heroes, the idealists who amidst the gulf of solitude more isolating than that, which surrounds a dying man, could think great about their future. Their lives foment many spirited acolytes for whom destiny is no matter, a chance, but a matter of choice and it is nothing to be waited for, but a thing to be achieved. I wish to place as one among them.

I take pleasure to introduce myself, Mr. Mahendar
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It is my strong belief that graduate study is indispensable for acquiring a deep understanding and insight in to the subject. Graduate study will not only provide me with advanced knowledge about the field, but also prepare me to become a good researcher. It is preciously this reason that prompted me to take up graduate studies as the next step towards my career objective. I had decided to pursue M S Degree and involve myself actively in research and development work. My ultimate in life is to be part of research teem, which will contribute for the benefit of mankind. This can be achieved by pursuing specialization in a particular field and moving ahead with the research…show more content…
Hence I firmly believe that I can live up to the standards of excellent education and the educators of U.S.A. I am also confident of working hard towards the successful path and prove myself to be the most faithful and fruitful international student at your well-known institution. We know knowledge is power and I believe that the power generated by this educational impact brings light of joy and happiness working towards the development of the best standards for the easier life and standards of living globally and make the world a better place to live. If given a chance I am ready to start my process of education at your
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