Career Goals For Mechanical Engineering

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For all of my life, I have had a skill and a great interest in the design and construction of a variety of objects and machinery. I have known since day one that all i wanted to do is design brand new and innovative technology. I have chosen Waterloo as my first choice of education for my future career as a mechanical engineer for many reasons. One being the schools amazing reputation as a school of applied sciences, having been given the nickname “MIT of the north” by many. I know a few people who have attended this University. It is always held in such high regards, and they greatly encouraged me to apply. My goals have always been to use my degree to get into a reputable company as a mechanical engineer and eventually my final ambition would be to create my own successful firm with my colleagues. I believe that a degree from this university will best set me on this path of success.…show more content…
Very similar to real life engineering, we are tasked with designing and constructing various projects based on a set of requirements or problems. I have always been incredibly successful in this class achieving high marks, and in grade 11 receiving the award for the highest mark for my grade. Although not a prerequisite for any engineering programs, I believe that it greatly benefits all potential engineering students. It puts our teachings into practice to solve real life situations, giving us a preview into the future as engineers. Scheduling conflicts prevented me from taking this great course in grade 12. My AP math courses over both semesters were slotted at the exact same times as design technology. This resulted in me missing out on a potentially high university level mark for my
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