Career Goals For Nursing

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Career Goal
I have a few career goals such as becoming an ER registered nurse and a nurse practitioner but fist I want to be an ER registered nurse. For a long time now I could just envision myself in the blue scrub running out to the ambulance as the EMT rushed the patient into the hospital. And successfully collaborating with a team of people to save someone's life. I have always been the type of person that receives an immense amount of gratification from helping others. I believe this goal is realistic due to my preconception of the career, love for helping others and experience.

I've always loved helping other, so when I made it to middle school I joined an organization called builders club were we gave back to the community in various
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I will need to be diligent in my courses to make sure I retain the information not only to pass the course but to lead a successful career. I will also need to prioritize efficiently to make sure I’ve completed my assignments before going to the movies and things less important than my education. One thing I will need to work on is staying focused and concentrating on one thing at a time. I have a bad habit of losing interest in things and trying to jump to the next thing. So it will be important for me to stay mindful of that as I further my education.

Academic Goal
The academic goal I have set forth is to do my very best in all my courses only A’s and B’s. This way I will have increased my odds in being accepted into multiple nursing programs so I can take the right step in achieving my first career goal as an ER rn . I believe this is a realistic goal as long I apply myself and stay dedicated I know I can reach that goal.

My motivation is intrinsic because I hold myself to a high standard and I expect a lot of myself. The motivation is also extrinsic because I know my parents do as well and I don’t want to let them down. However, I learned long ago you have to want it for yourself no matter how bad someone else wants it for me if I don’t want it for myself odds are I won't stick with it. That’s why I've chosen this career path because this is all I want and I know that’s all the motivation I need to see me

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