Career Goals In Computer Science

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Computing is omnipresent and time-honored, ranging from humans to machines. Children learn to count as they begin to experience the world; students solve mathematics problems to gain insight into the logic behind the world; scientists and engineers design more powerful machines to better change the world. The linkage between humans and machines with respect to computing is computer, and it is computer scientists, being my career goal, that are managing to transcend the gap between machines and humans, and make computers perform increasingly amazing jobs.

I am a senior at Shanghai Jiao Tong University, majoring in Information Security and minoring in Applied Mathematics. Early exposure to computers and secondary school education stimulated
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The M.S. program at University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) offers a variety of interesting and challenging courses that underscore both computer science theories and their applications. In addition to the core courses of the program, I desire to develop my expertise in the following two respects. First, I am eager to study advanced theories pertaining to machine learning such as discrete and convex optimization. Second, I would also like to acquire more experience in tackling NLP problems in reality such as question-answering and information extraction. Furthermore, the thesis option will help me research deeper in a specific area. I have obtained relevant experience in NLP, including a research program with respect to relation extraction and classification in raw text, and an NLP algorithm engineer internship, during which I mainly focused on question-answering system and classification tasks. Thus, I believe a master thesis will provide me with more insight into the field and enhance my technical skills. I researched on your excellent faculty, and it would be great honor for me to work with Prof. Song-Chun Zhu on designing robust and adaptive dialogue

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