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For my postgraduate application paper, I have chosen three concepts that apply to my plans for after graduation in four years. The first two concepts are from chapter one which is the discipline of psychology. Functionalism and behaviorism come from chapter one, within the first couple pages of the chapter. The last concept comes from chapter thirteen which is social psychology. Cognitive dissonance is the concept I chose from chapter thirteen. All three concepts I have chosen relate to the field I plan to go into after graduation. Before coming to Ashland, I was struggling with picking between psychology and social work as my major and I settled on psychology in a last minute decision. After realizing that psychology is not quite the field…show more content…
This idea was called functionalism, which viewed behavior as purposeful because it led to survival. Instead of being restricted to only the structure of the mind, functionalists studied why behavior and mental processes worked in particular ways. The key person to make an impact on functionalism was William James, who wrote the textbook Principles of Psychology, as well as established a laboratory for psychology. Functionalism might relate mostly to psychology, but it can be used to relate to other fields. Functionalism will relate to my field because I intend to work in mental health for social work. In my field, I will need to know why certain people behave the way they do in order to help them as well as understand their mental disorders and the processes that come with them. I will have to use the concept of functionalism to help the patients and people I work with to decide the best way to approach each person to their individual…show more content…
Some of these concepts may be changed slightly to be fully accurate for the social work field. Functionalism will be used to help patients and myself understand their mental processes and how it affects them. Behaviorism will be used to observe the patient and their family’s behaviors in order to determine the best approach to help them. Cognitive dissonance can be used to help a patient struggling with an addiction change their attitude towards their addiction and its surrounding factors. In the future, I want my career to be in the mental health department of social work. Using these learned concepts can contribute to possible events and occasions in dealing with patients and their families in the
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