Career Goals Of An Internist Essay

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Introduce Yourself: Virginia Ellis Career Goal: Internist (A doctor who finds and treats diseases within adults) 3 different job postings: Internist Physician Raleigh N.C. Salary: $560 dollars per day Must have residency within last 4 yrs. 15-18 patients per day Requires doctorate degree Physician at the curare group Durham N.C. Salary: $185,000-$225,000 Requires doctorate degree 25 patients per day Internal Physician at Born & Bicknell Inc. Southern North Carolina requires Bachelors degree of engineering Competitive salary Courses needed for degree: Gastroenterology Endocrinology Oncology Rheumatology Nephrology Hematology Geriatrics Infectiology Interventional cardiology Sports medicine Pathway List Most Difficult/Why?: Interventional Cardiology: I’ve never known anyone or had heart problems…show more content…
My aunt works in the medical field and knows many doctors, and I grew up around a lot of it. I consider this to be an advantage for me in the career of an internist because I have some insight into it already, and I would have people to go to and ask for help or tips for when the time comes to become an internist. Other long term goals Get a specialty in dermatology It will require more education later It will pay more money to be an internist with a specialty in

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