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Career in Athletic Training Athletic trainers are highly qualified health professionals who are trained in preventing, recognizing, managing and rehabilitating injuries that result from physical activity. (“Explore Health Careers” 2015) Usually when you hear Athletic Trainer, you may think that all they do is sit around and wrap ankles. But there is actually more to this job, including an abundance of responsibilities. I am interested in pursuing a career in athletic training because i get to help athletes recover, and/or prevent injury so that they can continue to enjoy the game. Becoming an athletic trainer comes with many responsibilities. From applying protective devices to reduce risk of injury, to providing first aid or injury care to athletes. (“Athletic Trainers” 2015) Athletic trainers need to have a bachelor 's degree, meaning at least 4 years in college. According to the NATA (National Athletic Trainers’ Association) many certified athletic…show more content…
They have to be knowledgeable on the anatomy of the human body. They also have to give you the best option to not need surgery if injured. They also are the ones that try to teach people on preventing any kind of injury. Athletic trainers have a variety of jobs. Working with athletes is not the only option. You can also work with older people, soldiers, and even children. The NATA defines athletic trainers as healthcare professionals who recognize, prevent and rehabilitate injuries that result from playing sports or other physical activities.(“Field of athletic training” 2015) They may be part of a complete health care team and work under a physician 's supervision. Athletic trainers provide medical and allied health care services to individual athletes or entire sports teams. They may be employed by elementary or high schools, colleges and professional sports organizations as well as medical

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