Career In Pharmacy Essay

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Career Research: Pharmaceutical and Pediatric Field One career field that I am interested in is pharmacy. I believe that pharmacy would be a good field for me because my mother is a pharmacy technician and since my mom would study medicine I would sit beside her and she would help me learn some things about pharmacy and medicine. Since then, I have always thought of pharmacy as a possible career choice. I believe that my home environment was a major influence for me to choose this a possible future career. On-the-job tasks for a pharmacy technician: updating a patient’s profile, filling new prescriptions for the patient, refilling the medicine, communicating with the nurses, doctors, and pharmacists. The requirements for this job…show more content…
The publications cover the general area/topic of pharmacy and what it is about and other information like the future of pharmacy, payment reform, and other medicines. Challenges that the pharmacy faces are medication non adherence, “Patient engagement between pickup and next Rx refill,” “Balancing personalized service with increasing patient volumes, and the need for customer retention.” Medication nonadherence is responsible for annual 125,000 deaths. Successes in the pharmacy fields are that there are increases of pharmaceutical staff per headcount throughout the nations and the world. This industry has seen a 50% increase in the pharmaceutical industry. For hours of pharmacy field depends on the specific job the person has had the profession they take, but the normal hours between all jobs would be five to eight hours. For clothing pharmacists and pharmacy technicians are supposed to wear scrubs, gowns, booties, masks, and gloves. The staff is not allowed to wear any makeup or any nail polish because they do make the make chemo medicine so they have to be all natural. All tools and equipment has to be sterilized for the cleanliness. Salary for a pharmacy technicians around $40,000. A pharmacist makes around
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