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Career Narrative: Psychiatrist When it comes to the work force, we have many choices of what we can do, but, it is up to us to figure out what we want to do for the rest of our lives. My career goal is to become an Adult Psychiatrist, I want to be an Adult Psychiatrist because I would like to help people who cannot help themselves. I believe I would be a good fit for this position because I feel I that I have quite a few of the characteristics necessary to help people who need it the most. I would work to get the patient back into the world and to be a fully-functioning member of society. I would likely work at a psychiatric hospital because the people there would need the help the most, due to either being forced to be there, or they are…show more content…
I am currently taking Psychology to help better myself, so that I can begin to see the signs in someone that may have a mental illness. When I am visiting with my brother at his house, I periodically am able to meet with his friend, who is a Licensed Psychiatrist. He openly answers any questions that I may have, and he goes over what I learn in my class to give me a better understanding of what I learned or to build upon what I have learned. When doing this I get a better feel of the job and what it’s going to be like. During my sophomore year I took a placement test, on Career Cruising, that matched my best suited career as being a Psychologist. I took this a step further by researching the field and the career, before deciding that I think that it may be a good match for me, but, instead of being a Psychologist I would rather be a Psychiatrist. A Psychiatrist is similar to a Psychologist, but a Psychiatrist is able to prescribe medication to people and they also have the potential to make a higher salary than a Psychologist. Some benefits of becoming a Psychiatrist as opposed to being a Psychologist, is that I will get to really help people that need it, and I will be able to work more hands on with those who need
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