Career Narrative: Family Social Work

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Career Narrative To many, Social Work means to set out rules for families of the less fortunate granting the child “safety” and posing suggested life to live forever. To me, Social Work allows me to help families in need and I am very passionate about helping others when in need. The career goal that I have chosen is Social Work, specifically child and family social work. I have chosen this mainly because my intent of loving to help others and how self rewarding everything is right after helping them. It is interesting to see others lives and how you can step in and help them grow and flourish in amazing ways. Everyone has an impact on a person’s life, whether it is good or bad and I want to be that good in someone’s life. I have a passion…show more content…
This good would be considered self rewarding because you know you are changing someone’s life for the better and giving them what they need to be successful while keeping them away from harm. A bachelor’s degree is usually needed for entry level of social work. There are also master programs of social work that could be used and received without a bachelor’s degree. Some universities offer doctoral programs in social work, students can earn doctorates of social work or Ph.D. The cost of social work varies depending on the university and your own income.To pursue this career, 4-6 years or possibly even 8 years of education will be needed to complete it to have either a bachelors or masters. You can find your education in Social Work at Universities and Social Work Programs which help to further your education in this…show more content…
Some of the disadvantages a person could have with this career would be working long hours and the emotional demands of the job. The long hours could feel overwhelming, especially dealing with multiple clients and little time to make decisions dependent upon their lives. The emotional demands of the career can become stressful, you can grow an attachment to families and hope you did everything in your power to lead them on the right path but can never truly know if something slips up years from then. Some of the advantages of the career would be the self rewarding things and overall the earnings. The self rewards come from knowing that you helped someone or some family out. You can enjoy their spark of happiness and knowing that you turned their lives round and put it on the right path! The earnings of the job could be both money and the actual earnings from learning from clients. You could potentially learn things about a client that could help you with another client which will earn you an understanding on how everyone can relate. While you learn about the society you earn understanding. To wrap it all up, my plans on pursuing this career include going to college for the amount of time needed for child and family social work. This would possibly be paid for with scholarships, fafsa, student loans and family help. I will
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