A Career In Pursuing A Nursing Career

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Did you know "men and women between the ages of 25 and 44 account for 33 percent of all people in the U. S. who come to emergency rooms with injury-related wounds" (101 Nursing Fun Facts)? Nursing is a career pathway that continuously grows each day. Every day, there are numerous individuals who suffer and battle to survive each day. Researchers are constantly studying and looking for solutions to cure illnesses. We will always need people in this world who strive to learn the knowledge required to do this. As I interviewed my great aunt, Angie Duncan, she had several things about her that I want to accomplish in my career. She always is determined and stuck to her goals until she accomplished them. She is the perfect example of a role model whom I will look up to throughout my profession. As graduation approaches, I continue to look forward in starting my journey in nursing. By graduating high school with my Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA), this allows me to have a jumpstart on my career. I will continue to try my best at everything until my goals have been accomplished, just like Angie did. Both myself and Angie has numerous similarities in the career of nursing, including what motivated us, why we wanted to go into it, and how it has affected our lifestyles. Nursing requires human beings…show more content…
She has demonstrated her knowledge of nursing by receiving her education and working with others in healthcare. I look forward to being like her one day and pursue my dreams, just like Angie did. Motivation is key throughout this whole process. I have always wanted to be a nurse since day one. Seeing my father battle sickness for almost fourteen years confirmed my decision. I, as a nurse, am going to have to figure out ways for this to work with my lifestyle. I look forward to graduating college and watching myself grow as an individual. I am so excited to see where this journey will take
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