Hospitality Industry Literature Review

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Excelsior Community College
Danesha Cole, Chevelle Fearon, Nickiesha Foster
Class 3H
Chapter Two
Literature Review
Employment Opportunities within the Hospitality Industry for Graduates

Introduction The hospitality industry is one of the fastest growing industries worldwide. It offers numerous career opportunities at all levels and currently employs more than 255 million people around the world. Statistics from the Statistical Institute of Jamaica indicates that there was a decrease in employment from 96,400 in July 2016 to 95,900 October 2016. However, the industry is forecast to experience continued growth and play a dynamic role in the ongoing global economy and will do so for many years to come.
According to Minister of Labour and Social
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Some hoteliers rate the internship program (a short-term period of work experience with training), which is a requirement of a hospitality degree as the most important feature of a students’ education.
The Jamaican hospitality industry values both qualifications and experience when employing new staff. Not all positions within the hotel will require qualifications over experience as some positions qualifications are not necessary. However, to acquire a managerial position one must have the required qualifications for example a Bachelors Degree or Masters Degree and at least 5 years work experience. Experience is considered very vital to the hospitality industry, but having the right qualifications is the essential factor that is needed in pursuing a successful career in hospitality management.
Hospitality Students Perception of the Industry versus
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Perhaps it is because as time changes so does the generation. Generation Y within the workforce base their career path notwithstanding their awareness, an employee experience or the actual position they encounter within the hospitality industry. With this being a worldwide situation, the hospitality industry has difficulty recruiting and retaining new employees. Moreover, the hospitality industry is considered the largest and fastest growing sector of the world. In, this regard, existing strategies should be implemented to increase employee commitment to a career within the hospitality

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