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GRADE 8 MUSIC APPRECIATION ASSISSGHNMENT 2016 OLIVIA CHEN [ Career Opportunities In Music ] Introduction Music is the harmony created by mixed sound. Music careers, is a person or a group of people who studied music, love music and use music as a career for their life. Such as, musician, music producer, record producer, songwriter, composer, etc. If I want to become something related to music, I want to become a songwriter, it also knowns as a music composer. I love to try to write songs, use those beautiful words to create melodic music to share my heart and my mind, my mood and my emotions. Description of chosen career Musician: Composer Composer is a musician who write songs or create the rhythm. Like a songwriter or a…show more content…
They need to understand the mechanics of music on the easiest level (like the simple song form’s structure) and have to have the ability to put 20-30 minutes of music very quickly. Being a naturally talented musician is the first key to unlocking a career as a music composer. Proficiency with multiple instruments, singing abilities, and an appreciation of music history are all helpful attributes. Patience, persistence, and the ability to network and market one's talents are also needed in this daunting profession. It needs Bachelor's degree, master's degree, or doctorate. “It is nearly a million-to-one odds” that an aspiring Composer will earn a living in his or her chosen field, says Los Angeles-based Composer Jacob Yoffee. This is a highly competitive field, akin to breaking into Hollywood as an actor. He cautions that it’s extremely difficult to get that first composing job, or to make a solid wage as a Composer, especially for those just starting out. The progress of a composer will primarily be financial, very very very few people could achieve the fame and legend like John Williams or Hans Zimmer's salary. Composers can also transition to Music…show more content…
Some bachelor’s degree have to achieve compose of music, but the other college don’t. “knew how to write music but didn’t know how to work with film and computer software.” Because there’s so much for an aspiring Composer to learn, especially with constant advances in technology, Jacob Yoffee says that he’d “recommend some kind of school, but you can’t graduate and be knowledgeable enough to immediately start working at a higher level. Go in [to a college program] with your own questions and your own path and your own ideals.” As to college recommendations, Yoffee has praise for his alma mater, NYU, but says that many of the working Composers he knows graduated from the University of Southern California, whose strong ties to the Hollywood film community provide many opportunities to students trying to get a foot in the industry’s

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