Career Progression

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1.0 Introduction
In this present chapter of study will divide into few sections with provide the explanation about the topic related of the research study which aims to identify the relationship of the workplace learning related factor among the professional qualification personnel when they pursued their career. In this chapter will include the background of study, statement of problem, research objective, research hypothesis, conceptual framework and significant of study.
1.1 background of study
Learning can be related to formal and informal learning in traditionally perspectives, where it can be use in work context and education context. Learning in the workplaces was become crucial in nowadays, because of the changing of the demanding and
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H04: There is no significant relationship between knowledge sharing andcareer progressions.
H05: There is no significant relationship between work environmentandcareer progressions.
H06: There is no dominant factor in workplace learning to career progression.

1.4 Research Objective
1.4.1 General Objective
The main purpose in conducting this research is to investigate the workplace learning related factors to career progression among professional qualification personnel.
1.4.2 Specific Objective
SO1. Identifying the differences in the career progression among professional qualification personnel in workplace learning based on gender.
SO2. Identifying the relationships between informal learningactivities in workplace toward professionalqualificationpersonnel career progression.
SO3. Identifying the organizationalsupportaffecting career progression.
SO4. To determine the relationship between the knowledge sharing and career progression.
SO5. To determine the relationship betweenwork environment and progression.
SO6. Identifying the dominant factors in workplace learning to career progression

1.5 Conceptual
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1.6.2 Informal learning Activities
Conceptual definition:
Informal learning activities is defined as the activities to develop and maintain capabilities of the learner to perform competently within their professional environments (International Federation of Accountants (IFAC), 2008).
Operational definition:
In this study, informal learning activities is refers to the learning action which applied by the learner in the workplaces as the purpose for improvement.
1.6.3 Organizational support
Conceptual definition:
Organizational supportis defined as the help from the organization to the employees when it is needed to perform the job effectively and overcome difficult issues (Rhoades & Eisenberger, 2002).

Operational definition:
In this study, organizationalsupport is refers to the practices of the organization that always provide the learning opportunity to the employees in the workplaces.
1.6.4 Knowledge Sharing
Conceptual definition:
Knowledge sharing is defined as informal interaction of culture, exchange of employee knowledge, experiences, and skills through the whole department or organization (Reid, 2003).
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