Career Reflective Plan

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This report will highlight and take a critical look at my years of Bachelor, with the aim of building a post-graduation long-term action plan that will guide me towards my master degree and beyond in order to enhance my full potential.
Employers, universities and even professional bodies all agree on one point: “more than ever we need professionals who are responsive to economic, social, cultural, technical and environmental change and can work flexibly and intelligently across business contexts.” (Graduate Employability Skills Report, 2007). And for that to be achieved, self-reflection is needed by each and everyone of us in order to achieve our full employability potential. Reflective practice has been identified as a method
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As enriching as it was it is necessary to reflect upon the experience and how it has encouraged me to think about my future career path. A personal assessment on a regular basis was complete in order to get a better sense of who I am and determine my professional goals. As my first working experience it was needed to understand what motivates me and what the most important thing to me is, which are two crucial parts of personal awareness (Duval and Wicklund, 1972). Schein’s (1974) career anchor theory identifies eight career anchors that impact career choice and satisfaction. Thanks to reading and attributes tests, I found out ‘managerial’, ‘autonomy’ and ‘service/dedication’ seem to be the anchors which have a bearing on my career motivation. It is safe to say that my second work experience taking place this year through the students in classroom scheme at NTU have nurtured these anchors. Managerial anchor primarily concern is to “integrate the efforts of others and to be fully accountable for results, service/dedication anchor is concern with achieving some value” (NTU, 2016). I, indeed tend to be more “oriented to the value of my work than the actual talents or area of competence involved” (NTU, 2016). Those two roles that I have undertaken during my work placements: a tour guide and a teacher associate, in two very different work environment have provided me with satisfaction. What underpin our feelings of work satisfaction or dissatisfaction are said to be our fundamental interests (Mindtools, 2016). Ability and personality are the two main things contributing to job satisfaction (Holland, 1970 see Mindtools,
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