Career Report: A Career As A Black Journalist

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Chandelar O. Chavis Psyc 210 December 2, 2015 MWF 10:00 Career Report Being an undergraduate fresh from high school many of us including myself come into college with several friends and a game plan. It is a sad, but naturally honest fact that those specific plans do not always work out. Many of us partake in different experiences introducing us to new environments along with new individuals. We begin our studies with the desired major, the major we intend on graduating with but get into the classes and have a change of heart. I was originally a Psychology major with the intention of becoming a doctor, but after becoming involved with different on campus engaging activities I had a change of heart and switch to English. With…show more content…
English skills are a much needed resource. Being a journalist your field of work can expand into many areas such as: reporting and writing roles with newspapers, magazines, blogs, and more. They do research and stories based on topics assigned to them by an editor or news director. A reporting journalist interviews people who have information, or valid opinions relating to a story or article; they update stories as new information becomes available. The on-campus organization that could help me with this specific career choice is the National Association of Black Journalist. They do different community service projects that has the potential to broaden horizons. The also work with different individuals in KATC studio doing different internships, not all with the intentions of a check. Journalist review articles to ensure their accuracy and their use of proper style and grammar. They also develop relationships with experts and contacts who provide tips and leads on stories. As a journalist you would analyze and interpret information to increase their audiences’ understanding of the news. The median compensation of a journalist as mentioned by is $38,000 per year. Location and years of experience each impact pay for individuals involved with journalism, with experience having the largest influence. Most workers in this position report high levels of job satisfaction. A journalist carries out research to create news articles. These news articles may be published online or in a newspaper or a magazine. In other cases, the journalist’s stories will be broadcast on television or radio. The journalist will be responsible for looking for articles that are relevant and will grip the audience’s attention. It may be a necessary process to pitch the story idea to management prior to the research being carried out. The journalist should look for leads by gathering tips and by looking at what

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