Career Shadowing In Physical Therapy

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I chose to do my career shadowing at the Wellness and Rehabilitation Center in New Carlisle IN, on November 20 2017. The person I shadowed was _____ she is a physical therapist. The reason I did my career shadowing there is because I have gone there before to have therapy on my knee so I knew the people there and I also really enjoy the career path of physical therapy. The reason physical therapy caught my attention and the real reason I want to be one is that it helps people with pain and weakness they may have and make them stronger and teach them ways to improve their overall being. In physical therapy I know that I can make people the way they want to be and that makes me happy to be able to help.
When I was there at the clinic the physical therapist _____ told me that she really enjoys her job and because she sees how people improve over time and how what she is doing is helping the people. She also mentioned the environment is very nice. She said she enjoys the environment where she works because everyone she works with is very nice and she gets along with all her colleagues. The people she helps are also very polite to her and it makes her appreciate her job. _____ is very satisfied with her job not only with the people she works with but with the pay. She didn’t exactly say how much she got paid but she gets paid well and the
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Normal working hours for physical therapist are consisting of eight hour days with breaks and lunches. She said she loves her job and it’s a great career to have but there are some hazards. The hazards that she told me that many therapist face are getting questions that they can’t answer, improper technique of the exercises, or injuries that they may cause, or lastly causing more pain then the patient already had. She said although some therapist make some mistakes you learn from those mistakes and make sure the patient is happy at the end of the
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