Career Writing Project Reflection

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Careers – Writing Project Reflection The assignment in Careers that I was given was a writing project. The writing project had three parts within it, which included; providing evidence of brainstorming, completing the Writing as a Process lesson activity from Plato, and last but not least, writing a three-page essay, which could be more for extra credit. Primarily, everyone was given the choice to pick a topic that they believe is highly important or is causing an impact in the real world, whether it is a person, such as a celebrity, a historical figure, a politician, etc., or whether it is an issue related to health, the environment, the government, etc. The topic they select is what they will consider writing the three-page essay on. My selected topic was to write an expository essay on a historical/political…show more content…
I was able to use critical thinking skills in a variety of ways when I used questioning, researching, analyzing, and evaluating to create a piece of work. Also, I was able to analyze, evaluate, synthesize, and apply information from a variety of sources when I researched on my topic to write an essay and then complete a lesson activity relating to my piece of writing. Additionally, I was able to think metacognitively to become more aware of my own learning processes when I progressed toward the completion of a task by following a series of steps. Likewise, I learned how observing my writing through time can be very effective towards my writing process. Most important, the assignment taught me how having all essential aspects of writing, such as purpose, audience, genre, tone, sentence variety, sentence structure, and word choice in my works can improve my writing as well as a convey a better image of the paper. Moreover, I received a lot of information about creating a writing plan and how one cannot come up with quality work without
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