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Caregivers Who are caregivers? Caregivers are either paid or unpaid individuals who work at hospitals, clinics, age-old homes, and patients ' residence to provide personal care. They perform all sorts of menial job like feeding, bathing, walking, dressing, exercising, laundry, grocery shopping, and transporting home to medial setting and vice versa besides caring. The basic aim of caregiver profession is to care for elderly and all-aged patients, and help them live a normal and healthy life. Caregivers in the unpaid category are generally family members who assist or support their loved ones to perform daily living activities. They are also called informal caregivers. These caregivers may or may not be a certified nurse. But they are matured, qualified, and able to follow instructions of doctors and nurses for patient care. Important traits for caregiver profession Empathy and compassion …show more content…

Caregivers are classified as primary and secondary caregivers. The former ones provide primary services to patients from attaining their needs of daily living activities to administering medications. The latter type of caregivers provide their support from afar. Briefly explained below are the three main types of caregivers:- Family caregiver Duties of family caregivers vary according to the person they are caring for. They mostly volunteer their time to help their loved ones in living a normal and healthy life. They address the patient’s physical, emotional, and social needs, carry out routine medical procedures, administer medications, and transport patients for doctor 's appointments. Long distance caregiver Long distance caregivers are family members who are not present with their ailing family members due to professional commitment, but are concerned about well-being of their loved ones. They provide emotional support, and take care of medical expenses, arrange for best medical facilities, and home care.. Professional

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