Caribbean Art Observation Essay

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Makayla Clarkson
Professor James Allen
Art Appreciation
14 March 2014
Huntington Museum of Art Visit: Caribbean Art For the college course Art Appreciation, I decided to take a Saturday trip to Huntington, West Virginia to visit the Huntington Museum of Art. The show I decided I wanted to observe was the Caribbean Art because most of the pieces caught my eye. Before traveling to the museum, I researched the place and seen what shows would be going on. Although there was going to be several new showings, I still chose the Caribbean Art, which is one of the normal showings because the pieces of work spoke to me. To begin my trip at the Huntington Museum of Art, I read a bit about the Caribbean Art I was going to be observing. I gained the knowledge that most of the work came from Haiti that was designed by a guy named Winslow Anderson. Much of his work came from late 1940’s and early 1950’s. Many of the Haitian masters were included in the work, such as Hector Hyppolite, Rigaud Benoit, Seneque Obin, and Philome Obin. These masters helped create the “Haitian Renaissance”,
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One of the other pieces of work from the Caribbean Art show I observed was The Busy Village. This painting showed a village with different daily jobs of the Haitian people in their small village. When looking at the painting, you get the feeling the village is always busy and working hard to keep up with their jobs to survive their day to day lives. Another painting I observed was Les Sirenes. This painting was different from the others because it was more creative and not realistic like the other two paintings I looked at. Les Sirenes was a painting of two mermaids in a boat surrounded by different types of fish. This painting caught me off guard because I was not for sure what meaning to put behind this one. I enjoyed his other two paintings more because they were more realistic in my eyes and I was able to put my own meaning to
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