Caribbean Creolization In The Caribbean Language

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A Language can be a very powerful tool whereby it can be used to obtain a lot of information about a person. In the Caribbean creolization played an important part in the development of language. Creolization refers to the mixture of Africans, European, Asian and Indigenous people to make the Caribbean which was referred to as the ‘New World’ in that era. In Jamaica, the official language is Standard English. Standard English was brought to Jamaica by the British who also brought Africans due to force migration. Africans were forced to the Caribbean by Europeans as labor source. These Africans were taken from different African villages with different cultural aspect such as their languages which developed a major communication barrier. Creole…show more content…
According to modern Jamaican society creole language should not be taught or use in school. (Tyson, 2013). Members of the elite societies alongside government officials oppose to the idea of linguistic advocates that Jamaican Creole should be taught and embraced in schools. This comes as no surprise as Devonish (1986) stated that for century’s languages for official purposes was chosen by the ruling class. (p. 09). The elites of Jamaica’s society controls social mobility of individuals. They decide how far you move up in society and the requirements for movement. Social inequalities such as members of the elite tend not to associate themselves with JC speakers or creole language. They use the Creole to create barriers for members of other classes that speaks JC to move up in society. As a result opportunities are more accessible to those that speak Standard English than to those that speak JC. Jamaican Creole speakers end up lacking…show more content…
They embrace it in such a way that power and a change in status is automatically given. They introduce the world to creole by their music, folklore and performing arts. JC is embraced by citizens in performing arts category such as Jamaican plays, Jamaican dances and folklores ("Ashe Company," n.d.). JC is taught at tertiary level at the University of the West Indies Mona and other institution in Jamaica to educate and empower more on the concept of creole. The linguistics advocates of Jamaica help to talk about creole as a language worldwide by writing books and journal articles. They help non JC speakers to understand that JC has all the components a language should have such as grammar, vocabulary, etc. JC is introduced in secondary instructions in Jamaica by Caribbean Examination Council (CXC). Whereby, it is mandatory for students in the sixth form level to do a subject called Communication Studies. The music industries in also embrace Jamaican Creole and they are the reason JC is known worldwide. This leads to empowerment of these musicals artist as well as Jamaican audience. Reggae artists such as Bob Marley, Denis Brown, Jimmy Cliff and Chronix sings to empower citizens and to uplift them despite the challenges being faced in Jamaica. They also put Jamaica and JC on the map with their music and being a fan favor

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