Caribbean Rum

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Only Jamaican Rum Will Do By Robert Nickel Jan 7, 2011 Rum is a distilled beverage made from sugarcane byproducts. Molasses or sugarcane juice is distilled and aged in oak barrels creating a clear alcoholic beverage. Rum is produced in most of the Caribbean countries, as well as Australia, India, Fiji, and Mexico. In Jamaica the rum is usually dark in color and possesses a subtle molasses taste making it a favorite beverage to drink straight, without mixing. The first distillation of rum took place on sugarcane plantations in the Caribbean during the 17th century. Of course the most famous association with rum is that of the Royal Navy. Historical documents show the Royal Navy discovering rum for the first time in 1655 when they captured the island of Jamaica. The daily ration for each sailor was at that time French brandy, however since rum could be produced on site, the ration was changed to Jamaican rum. The English sailors found the effects of the rum to be a little stronger than they could handle, thus the practice of watering it down with ale began. The mixture was called 'grog '. Rum can be made from sugarcane or molasses. Rhum Agricole is made from fresh squeezed sugar cane…show more content…
The grades of rum are completely dependent on where the rum is produced. For example, light rum usually comes from Brazil or Puerto Rico. It is sometimes referred to as silver rum or white rum and has very little flavor aside from being sweet. Light rum is the most popular variety for mixing in cocktails. Gold rum is also called amber rum and gains its color from the aging process. The taste is stronger than light rum, but not as strong as spiced or dark rum. Spiced rum gets its flavor from spices or caramel added before the fermentation process. Resorts in Jamaica will serve the traditional dark rum which is aged longer than other varieties. It is stored most commonly in charred barrels, adding to the color and flavor. Over-proof rum is rum that has an alcohol content of 60% to
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