Caricature On High Society In Oscar Wilde's The Importance Being Earnest

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In the play “The Importance Being Earnest” Oscar Wilde wants to show that the caricature on high society. The play was in the 1800’s. A caricature is a charter or a physical fentress that exaggerates by making it bigger or smaller to make a person notice and laugh to show their weakness. Oscar Wilde makes us think if it’s really important to be earnest ? The story is about two boys that want to be named Earnest, so because of that they have a double life and they will need to handle the problems. Oscar Wilde want to make a caricature on high society by egaterating on Love, Manners and Death. Oscar Wilde makes a caricature of a high society by portraying love by having no emotion . He makes a caricature because Jack loves Gwendolen but she would only marry him if his name is Ernest. Cecily also loves Algernon because his name is Ernest. I think that women like this name because there is two sinification for Ernest there is the name and the adjective which means serious, honest, sincere and true but Algernon and Jack are not earnest at all. An example (page 8) Is when Jack asks Gwendolen if she likes the name Jack, and she says that Jack is a very boring name and she could never love someone called Jack. Another example (page 17) is when Miss. Prism tels Dr. Chasuble that when fruits are young there are green so you can never be sure of it, But when they are old they are good and tasty. She is saying that because she is old and loves Dr. Chasuble and she is the only one who
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