Caring Classroom Reflection

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The truth is that the name of the course, The Caring Classroom could be truly understood only after you finish the course. Initially, I thought that in this course, we will get tools to create a caring classroom and when I state tools I mean like strategies. Something which can add to our own ways of dealing with a class. However, throughout the course, the most influential insights that I got to discover were actually regarding myself, which truly surprised me. I got to know myself better, and it is not like I did not know already most of the things I discovered. It was just that I tended to ignore them or to underestimate their importance. While learning to be a teacher, everyone always told us, "be strong", "do not take to your heart", but…show more content…
Furthermore, it sounded stupid to me, why should I make an effort to be aware of my feelings? Why does it matter? Nonetheless, after trying it, especially in stressful situations, I understood the significant difference it made. For example, once I had a chaos in my class as a result of some social problem. I immediately felt as always like it is my fault and that I do not know how to manage a class well. I am sure that if I had the same personality as before the course, I would have lost my self-confidence and would not know how to deal with this situation. It seems like the same thing we learned about "test anxiety" that when you are anxious, your attention capacity is occupied and you cannot think of anything else. Nonetheless, during this situation, I remembered what we learned that first, we should identify our emotion. Then own this feeling and make sure that we are not controlled by our student. This way, I will be calmer and not only it will reflect on my students, but also will give me the competence to react better in this situation. Although it is not easy, it works! I felt that I dealt much better with the situation and I was able to calm everyone down, which is amazing since it is not an easy

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