Carl Grimes Character Analysis Essay

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Character- Carl Grimes from The Walking Dead
Carl Grimes, while not the main character, is a very important character in the show, The Walking Dead. From the first ever episode to present, he has helped shape the show, and also has helped develop many other characters as well as himself. Carl begins the show as an innocent and normal child, but as the new world forces him to grow up, he becomes more and more callous. Eventually though, upon reflection, Carl regains his morality while still keeping his edge for survival.
2. Protagonist- Rick Grimes from The Walking Dead
Rick Grimes is the main protagonist and survivor of the apocalyptic outbreak. As the series progresses, Rick develops from a humble and moral man into a ruthless and darker survivor. He has a sworn devotion to his group
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In the beginning of the series, Morgan possessed a positive and hopeful outlook on life, despite what was happening. This however came to a complete stop after the death of his wife and son. He became an emotionless machine whose only purpose was to kill. His severe PTSD pushed his inner demons to the brink. It was only when he was taught aikido, that he learned peace again. This commitment to aikido changed his entire outlook on the world, as he refuses to commit murder, even when his life is at stake. Morgan believes that there is good to be brought out in every person, even in the apocalyptic world.
6. Stereotypical- Karen Smith from Mean Girls
Karen Smith is the typical high school blonde. She is the third member of a clique known as "The Plastics". These are a group of girls who dominate high school with their beauty and intimidation. Karen is rarely seen insulting people or belittling others, but despite being the kindest of the group, she is also the slowest, making her an easy target for manipulation. Karen is also portrayed as the prettiest out of the three girls, and very promiscuous.
7. Round- Michonne from The Walking
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