Carl Hoffman's Life In Kabul, Afghanistan

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Carl Hoffman was in Kabul, Afghanistan. I think the scariest place on earth. Carl Hoffman wants to go to countries which were undeveloped but I think Afghanistan was not just undeveloped, it was the scariest to live on. He was risking his life by staying in Afghanistan and special in that part which was a really bad area. He went to Kabul. Kabul is the capital of Afghanistan and also the largest city in Afghanistan. Kabul is the city in which tourists can’t come alone on the streets. It is very dangerous at night. On page 221, Carl Hoffman noted that how scary it was at the airport at night in Kabul. In this chapter, Carl Hoffman has written so many times that people were carrying Ak’s. This is really scary. I would never live there where you have to think twice even if you want to leave your room. I hope that government of Afghanistan put some more security in their country because as Carl Hoffman written…show more content…
Khalid story was so sad that the Taliban 's stopped his mother and sister because her sister was not wearing the burqa and they didn 't care about the public and they beat her with the flagpole. This is just not so fair with them. That was really rude and disrespectful to them. They were ladies and they should be treated with respect and love. Khalid’s story was also sad that he has to go to the jail because for not having the beard. People in Afghanistan are so cruel and they don hearts and also they don 't know how to behave with other people. On page 235, Khalid shares his love story to Carl Hoffman. I would also say that, just like him, we brown people can have the relationship but we cannot let our parents know about it and especially on the girl home because they will beat the girl and they can harm the boy too. This is so sad but we brown people have one mentality that before marriage we cannot have any kind of relationship with anyone. This is a very strict rule of every brown kid and especially these girls have the restrictions for

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