Carl Jung Archetypes

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Many say that your enemies define you; yet, I believe that what truly defines you is your way of thinking; your perspective of things and your philosophy. However, even when men try to establish order within their inner selves in the midst of a relentless chaos by building the foundations of their principals, they can sometimes clash with the welfare of others. Therefore, I would ponder the possibility of ending my life with dignity in the face of a terminal disease for the sake of my loved ones, even if it means a direct altercation with my psyche and my morality. Carl Jung’s archetypes explain that the psyche is fragmented in two, the Self and the Shadow, which must harmonically coexist; this component of Jungian psychology deeply relates to one’s inner conflict when in the face of a predicament, just like the one exposed previously. In truth, finding said balance is imperative and that is why I believe that no yielding to the illness would the be the better decision in accord to my principles. Life is worth fighting for; this is a doctrine I zealously follow as succumbing in this situation would render the advances in medicine moot from a perspective. Furthermore, following thaws way of thinking could, in a way, save lives as innovations in medical research could be achieved due to one’s fighting spirit, perseverance, self assurance and will to live.…show more content…
This phrase alludes to the inherent responsibility of men as beings with free will. With that being said, the harsh truth is that one cannot take a rash decision without considering those around; a tough situation, indeed, but one where the stakes demand for the best decision to be
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