Carl Jung Personality Traits

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Trait theorist believe that peoples personalities can be identified by looking at traits or behavior that people show, are people showing characteristics of shyness or are they social, are they pessimist or optimist or are they passive or aggressive. Carl Jung helped in the launching of trait approaches, he did this by with his work of traits using the terms of extroversion and introversion in personality theories, and he believed that people can have tendencies of extroversion and introversion but one is more dominant than the other (personality). Extroversion is the tendency to look at things of the outside world and introversions look at things inside the self like feelings and experiences. Carl Jung used the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator…show more content…
The first extroversion, Kim is a socialite meaning she is always in the public eye and surrounded by fans, her family and paparazzi and has a camera crew following her and documenting her life, emphasizing that she is always in the spotlight. Kim has signs of extroversion she is has many celebrity friends she is willing to meet new people and enjoys being the center of attentions, she is always posting pictures of herself on social media, she is constantly doing interviews on the radio or television or posting videos of herself. She has enthusiasm to try new things, be it starting on a business venture, for example she released three workout videos starring her through her company Kimsaprincess Production, LLC that she formed. Kim show traits of high extroversion even as a young girl she had belied that she was destined to be famous. Motives behind Kim’s extrovert could be she want to be seen and admired to maybe boost her self- esteem or the motives behind her extroversion is to make sure that her business venture are successful because the more people know about you and business the more interested they become in whatever you selling or promoting, so maybe this trait is motivated with the desire to be successful. Kim expresses confidence in whatever she does when looking at her picture is always well dressed and isn’t afraid to try out new styles , be it her clothes or hair, her posture is always upright with her head held up high and is not afraid to show of her best feature her body. When taking pictures she rarely smile she always has a prim and proper look, with her mouth closed and making eye contact with the people taking picture. This shows more confidence and dominance
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