Carl Jung's Theory On Personality Development

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HISTORICAL BACKGROUND Carl Gustav Jung or also famously known as C.G. Jung was a psychiatrist and psychotherapist that originated from Switzerland. He was born in the year 1875 to a Protestant Minister (father) and his wife, parents who had opposite personality which influenced the development of his personality theory. In 1907 after graduating from his medical degree, Carl Jung started working together with the famous, Sigismund Schlomo Freud. As Carl Jung initially described Freud as “… extremely intelligent, shrewd, and altogether remarkable” as he was impressed with Freud’s writing. As they met in Vienna they instantly became friends and Freud, as Freud view Carl Jung as the most innovative and original followerd. With this, Freud made…show more content…
Jung considers this to become the process of human development. This report will also present further Carl Jung’s theory on personality development as he believes that all individuals are complex beings that possess opposing qualities such as introversion and extraversion, masculinity and femininity as well as rational and irrational drives. Carl Jung claims that an individual to fully mature and developed they must accept and embrace these all these autonomous opposing…show more content…
Carl Jung came up with two dynamics of personality which are:- 1) Causality and Teleology Causality is defined as the principle that nothing happens without cause or without internal or external influences. In this matter, it is the relationship cause and its effects whereas teleology can be defined as the study of past experience to explain a natural phenomenon. The middle ground of causality and teleology suggests that humans are motivated by both past personal experiences and predictions or expectations of the future. The middle ground of the two is able to shape one’s behaviour as well as personality. 2) Progression and Regression The definition of progression is the process of success development over a period of time whereas regression is similar to recidivism as its definition is the opposite of progression as it means relapse, failure or fall-back. Progression and Regression must work together in order to fulfil self-actualization and self-realization. Progression is when one adapts to the external world along with allowing their mentality flow forward however regression is the adaptation in the internal world where one allows their mentality flow backward. This, again, suggesting the important contribution of both the past and future in
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