Carl Ransom Rogers Humanistic Theory

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Carl Ransom Rogers was born January 8, 1902 in a suburb in Chicago known as “Oak Park.” He was the fourth of six children all whom were of American origin. Being born with many privileges, Rogers came from an educated background along with his father, Walter, graduating from Wisconsin University while his mother Julia was attending college at the time. His father portrayed himself as an upcoming business man in engineering. Rogers came from a strict Christian family who valued hard work and discouraged sinful behavior (i.e. gambling, drinking, dancing, going to theaters, partying, etc.) Rogers was an outsider as a child because he was prone to oversensitivity which made it hard for him to make friends. Due to his loneliness, Rogers spent most…show more content…
Rogers believes that we behave the way we die because of the situation we our put in. On other words only we know ourselves better than anyone else. Rogers states that human beings have the tendency to fill one’s self purpose. He believed just as John Locke did that human beings learn from experience and are inherently good. Everyone is looking for their “ideal self who they would like to be.” Since humans are constantly developing Rogers believes that your personal experiences is what guides us to become better as individuals. Rogers had identified a fully function person from showing these five…show more content…
Higher levels of creativity: The ability to adapt to your environment without having to conform Reliability: being able to rely on others just as much as they are willing to rely on yourself A rich full life: Having experience all emotions from fear, depression, true love, neglect, rejection etc. If you're able to do all these Roger believes you can live a happy and successful

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