Carl Rogers Case Summary

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Identifying Information
In the video of the session, Carl Rogers is conducting a therapy session with a woman named, Gloria. Gloria is a medium framed female that appears to be in her mid to late thirties. She is recently divorced and is a single parent to two young children, seemingly in the pre-adolescent years or younger. The counselor, Carl Rogers, appears to be mild-mannered, in his early fifties, male, with a calming voice. During the session it was learned that Gloria is the one who initiated the divorce process by requesting one from her husband. She seems happy with her decision to end her marriage, seemingly she was unsatisfied in her marriage. Gloria initially appears to be a career professional such as, a teacher or secretary; however, it is later discussed that she is a waitress. Gloria presenting problems include: issue with adjusting to single life, the effects of dating men on her children, and honesty about her sex life with her daughter.
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Carl Rogers appears to me calm and confident in his abilities going into the start of the counseling session. Gloria appears to be very nervous and unsure at the start of the counseling sessions, she even verbalizes this anxiety and acknowledges that she is shaking. She makes eye contact with the therapist while he is speaking, but she averts her eyes when she begins to speak. The nervousness and anxiety is also apparent in her body language and in her vocals; which is also noticed by Rogers. Gloria mentions that the calm, relaxing tone of Carl Rogers’ voice was reassuring to her and as the sessions starts, Gloria appears to relax become more comfortable. Gloria tends to smile while speaking, but her other facial expressions contradictorily indicates sadness and inner conflict. The therapist and Gloria appear to get along well, although it appears that Gloria would prefer more involved and input from the
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