Carl Rogers Personality Theory

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Numerous hypotheses have been created during the time to help with comprehension identity. The purpose for the presence of a few theories is so that a scholar can think and study an idea from a particular perspective. A theory is an apparatus that is utilized by researchers to seek after learning. A considerable lot of the personality theories get from the identity of the scholar. This paper will tackle the contributions of Carl Roger and B.F. Skinner to the theories of personality. Carl Rogers was conceived in 1902. He was an American clinical psychologist, who was known for his advancement of new routines for therapy treatments. Carl Rogers got his PhD from Columbia University in 1931. At that point Rogers was already included in work with mistreated kids. He additionally taught at Ohio State University from 1941 to 45 and the colleges of Chicago from 1945 to 57 and Wisconsin college from 1957 to 61. Lamentably now was the season of contention inside of the brain science division of the establishment. Carl Rogers turned out to be exceptionally bewildered with this sort of instruction. In 1964, he was cheerful to acknowledge an exploration position in La Jolla, California, where he taught for some time furthermore chipped away at his new hypotheses. It was the time when he presented a large portion of his speculations about identity. He additionally gave treatment, gave talks, and composed a few fascinating brain research books. In the wake of contributing this to the
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