Nature Of Humanism Essay

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This school of thought's concept is the human beings are not same as other species and human beings can possess different capacities that cannot be achieved by the animals. Therefore, humanism focuses on the study of human interest and needs. Humanism is a concept of self-actualization. Humanist thought might a chance to be followed over of the period from claiming Siddartha Gautama Buddha (563-483 b.c.) clinched alongside ancient administration India, What's more Confucius (551-479 b.c.) in old China, In spite of those haul "humanism" may be All the more broadly connected with Western logic. For ancient administration Greece, Thales, who is credited for making those saying "Know thyself" in the 6th century b.c., may be at times acknowledged…show more content…
It is difficult to objectify the subjective ideas when it comes to real experiences. This is because a real experience for every individual is not the same. Therefore, critics believe that the conclusions made from the subjective experiences are almost impossible to verify due to unreliable research in humanism. In addition, they believe that humanism is not a true science due to there is too much of involvement of common sense rather than objectivity. Moreover, humanism only approaches the good side on growth and the achievements of humans by simply denying and does not attempt to prevent or make clear of the psychotic disorder. When it comes to supporting humanistic theories claims, the empirical evidence lacks. Academics, for example Maslow has widely criticized the same way because of the absence of scientific empirical evidenc. Strengths: Humanism gives importance to responsibility and individual choice which is one of the greatest strength. It appreciates fulfilment and personal ideas, therefore it satiesfies many people's understandings of what it is to be human. Besides, humanism gives a wider scope of framework for observing the behaviour of humans because it considers a person including his perspectives and emotions. From the clinical point of view, humanism offers open space where we can discuss about our own feelings without letting us into traumatic situation which might be beyond our comfortable zone to talk
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