Summary Of Fast Food Nation

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In his book Fast Food Nation, Schlosser explains and clarifies the dark side of Fast Food in America and the world. Schlosser starts off the book by telling the story of Carl Karcher, who bought a hot dog cart while working his own job and with the advances in automobile industry he eventually opened a Drive-In Barbeque restaurant. Schlosser explains how the economy after world war 2 helped get Carl a lot of customers. In addition, Schlosser also mentions the story of the McDonald brothers, opening the first Speedee Serive System restaurant and how other restaurants adopted the idea. Schlosser mentions advertising Fast Food for kids and how that increases customers coming in. He also mentions the high rates of teenagers working for Fast Food restaurants with little wages and that it distracts them from their education. Schlosser starts a new part of the book where he talks about the food. He starts with the French fries and how it is made by flavor industries and that it puts a lot of potato farmers out of work because of the small number of buyers exerting power over a large number of sellers, a market he describes as “oligopsony”. Schlosser then talks about the IBP revolution, how it changed the meatpacking industry and applying the same labor principle as McDonalds; requiring unskilled workers for low wages. the author then calls meatpacking “the most dangerous job” explaining health issues, injuries and sexual harassment for women. He also talks about E coli found in the
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