Carla's Case Of Victimization Case Study

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The theories relate to Carla 's case of victimization would be, lifestyle theory posits that individuals place themselves in harm’s way by their lifestyle choices. Carla put herself in harm’s way by jogging at night by herself. Her may have lived a risking lifestyle she clearly liked smoking weed with her boyfriend. Also Deviant place theory would work to because Carla doesn’t live in bad area. The area’s around Carla’s house was safe but Casey lived in a dilapidated apartment complex that was mostly hidden off the main road, between a bar called Bikers-R-Us and a two-story county office complex used by probation officers and drug rehab counselors. That’s where Carla found herself in a bad area, therefore putting herself at risk to become a…show more content…
Instead of jogging at night she should have jogged to Casey’s house earlier when the sun was still out. Carla could have called an Uber or taxi to get to Casey’s house. She could have had a friend drive her or drive herself because she knew that Casey’s apartment was hiding off the road. Carla could have had Casey pick her up or Casey could have had met Carla at her apartment and walked back to his place together. I don’t believe the attacker would have sexual assaulted them if they were together. Also looks like Carla probably was not living a safe life style she liked to smoke weed (Which nothing is wrong with that) maybe she owed someone paying for the weed. Casey could have been selling weed and he might have shorted somebody an ounces or on their money. Casey could have been selling on someone’s spot or he was not paying debt he owed. Casey could have done someone wrong and they retaliated by sexually assaulting, strangulating his girlfriend. Carla could have stopped smoking weed and separated herself from Casey to make sure that she was not in danger. Carla could have been selling drugs and nobody

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