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Eminent person

Ava Solis


12- 1-15

Carli Lloyd did something that nobody could think of, she broke the record of the fastest hat trick ever recorded. She helped the U.S national team by using persistence and becoming an award winning soccer player. She illuminated in the world by being an inspiration to young players.

In under 16 minutes Carli Lloyd scored 3 goals in the most important game of the season. This extraordinary soccer player has been dominating the field lately and showing people exactly what she can do. She managed to score 3 goals in under the time of the 1st quarter in the finals of the 2015 Fifa World Cup (Scott, N. 2015). Players like her don’t just come out of thin air; they have to train and practice every hour of every day to get to the world cup and/or the Olympics. When Carli was 5 years old she was introduced to the game and later would become a midfielder and be a top goal scorer for her college, Rutgers University. She played a major role for her teams success and their wins throughout the Olympics, world cups, and many matches. Carli Lloyd has done a great job at holding down the midfield and hopefully people will be seeing a lot more of her(Hayes, G.2015).

As previously mentioned, getting to where she is now is not easy. She has to be very …show more content…

Her accomplishments make everyone want to work hard and be the best they can(Stenson, T. 2015). Personally Carli Lloyd has been a hero to me. She has been a great person to look up to and it is good to watch her play. She has affected many soccer players around the world and has been a very good influence(Hayes, G.2015). Additionally she has taken the time out of her day to go around the U.S. talking to kids and giving powerful speeches. She is a great role model and inspiration to young soccer players; she shows them where hard work can get

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