Carlina's Argumentative Essay

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Everyone in this diverse world is said to be unique. The unique qualities people have come from their specific talents, personalities, interests, appearances, and so much more. Carlina Powell is one person out of so many in this world, and her qualities make her the unique person we know today. On January 20, 2002 in a Beaver hospital, Carlina became the fourth and final member of her family, if you are not counting pets. Her father, Richard, works for Russel Standard, a company that provides materials and workers for road construction. Carla, Carlina’s mother, works for Glaxo Smith Kline, a business that researches and creates medication, vaccines, and healthcare products. In a way, Carlina was named after her mother. This is because Carlina is an Italian name that means “little Carla.” Lastly, Carlina has an older sister named Valentina. Valentina is a sophomore at John Caroll University in Cleveland where her dream is to become a doctor. Part of the family as well are the sister cats named Raf and Sofie, who are three years old. Carlina’s schooling years started off at Good Samaritan Preschool, followed by Highland Elementary and Ambridge Junior High, which led to her finally being able to attend the high school.…show more content…
She is said to be most like her mother and nonna, the Italian word for grandmother, because all three of them can be stubborn and hard headed at times. Her nonna had to have the most influence on Carlina’s life. She was originally from Italy, but moved here insert. She also taught Carlina many valuable lessons such as being kind and true to who she was. Carlina has many friends, but she considers her best friend to be her sister, Valentina. Valentina and Carlina have always been close growing up. They do many activities together, and Valentina often helps Carlina
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