Carlisle Indian School Analysis

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Since the dawn of time, society has always had a major issue in cultural believes. Less and less people find the need to know and understand other people’s customs, which lead to the misunderstanding of people’s lifestyle. The Carlisle Indian School was a horrible attempt to place children of Native American tribes into US culture by placing them in boarding school. The school was used to educate and civilize Indians, “kill the Indian, save the man” (Bear). Edward Thorp was one of those student at the Carlisle school. He was fourteen years old and was very healthy. He played the cornet and ran away with it from the Carlisle Indian School. Edward Thorp is an example of how a Carlisle student can endure the trauma of the school, by finding an escape of the real world. Edward Thorp found joy in playing the cornet, while attending the Carlisle Indian School. Documents show that the…show more content…
The goal of the school was that Indian children would learn white ways better if they were away from their homes. The teachers wanted them to know how to live like “white people” when they left the school. Edward Thorp was fourteen years old when he was last documented as a student at the Carlisle School. The documents state “suspension that he might has gone as far as Canton, Ohio, where his brother lives, James Thorp” (Carlisle Indian School Digital Resource Center.) He also took the brass cornet with him. Edward went away to “go home” but no one was aware of Edwards where abouts. The letters show that the superintendent of the school was in deep demand to find Edward because he has the brass cornet. Edward is nowhere to be found but the superintendent is only concerned about getting the brass cornet back, because he probably think the cornet is worth more than Edward himself. That just shows why children that attended the school wanted to escape, so Edward tried running away but in the mix of everything he
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