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Have you ever been accused of something you didn 't do? Stealing something, not doing your homework, etc... Well there are people all over America that have been accused of stealing, killing or other crimes that they did not commit, and they were severely punished for it. People like Claude Jones, Cameron Todd Willingham, and Larry Griffin, were all falsely accused and punished for a crime someone else committed. Some were even put away because there was false evidence provided. Is this a result of our justice system being broken? Claude Jones was executed in 2000 for murdering a liquor store owner. In November 1989, Jones and another man were seen pulling into the parking lot of a liquor store in Texas. One man stayed in the car while the…show more content…
Another example of a false execution is in Carlos De Luna 's case, who was executed in 1989 for the stabbing of Wanda Lopez, a convenience store clerk. There were two eyewitnesses who played a key role in the conviction of De Luna. Before the murder and robbery, George Aguirre was filling up at the gas station, when he saw a man standing outside the store slide a knife with the blade exposed into his pocket and enter. The man asked Aguirre for a ride to a nightclub, but he refused and went inside the store to warn Lopez about the suspicious man. Aguirre left and Lopez called the police to describe the man. As she was on the phone with a dispatcher, the man came back into the store and robbed her. The second witness, Kevan Baker, pulled into the station and heard bangs on the station’s window and saw a man struggling with a woman. As Baker approached the gas station, the murderer threatened him and took off. When police searched the area, they found De Luna not far from the station. He was shirtless and shoeless in a puddle of water and screamed, “Don’t shoot! You got me!” Both Aguirre and Baker confirmed De Luna was the man at the station. Little to no physical evidence was collected at the crime scene, including blood samples and fingerprints that could have helped De Luna. De Luna maintained his innocence and repeated that Carlos Hernandez was the actual killer. Despite Hernandez’s trouble with the law and repeated confessions to the murder, De Luna was

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