Carlos Finlay's Theory On The Yellow Fever

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As researchers traveled to Cuba to study the Yellow fever, United States army researchers soon discovered the cause of such disease. Through the determination scientists such as Carlos Finlay decided to test his theory on mosquito transmission. To test such theory Finlay was soon able to find people who were willingly to risk their lives to further the understatement of the Yellow Fever. Which many historian or scientists would call it a Human Experimentation in which someone or a group of people who vows to take such torture and manipulation to soon aid eliminate or control decimated lives each every day. After Finlay’s tragic death a new scientist takes the burden on the unanswered mosquito theory. His name was Lazer, as he continues such experiment on other humans something happened, they soon fell ill. This validated Finlay’s mosquito theory. Many may feel as if human experimentation was cure cruelty and not the way of life, however Yellow Fever has killed the rich, the poor, the humble, the stubborn and families. The only way researchers believe to finding the cure or maintain it was to find a group of people who was willingly to put their lives on the line, not only for self-dignity but, the future that is in the hands of their love ones. To ensure these people are well protected, laws…show more content…
This monstrous disease has lived and thrived for many centuries. The first outbreak occurred in the United States in the late 1690s. As.As time began to progress Yellow Fever refuges in the Caribbean fled to Philadelphia in the late summer of 1793.Within days and weeks the city were experiencing extraordinary symptoms. By the middle of October lives began to diminish, hundreds of people were dying every day. Soon the public services collapsed, the city government as well. As death began to bring silence to Philadelphia, a researcher was able to prove his experiment which was the mosquito

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