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Name of individual: Ilich Ramirez Sanchez was also known as Carlos the Jackal.

His nickname “Carlos” was given to him by Abu-Sharif (spokesman of the Popular Front for Liberation of Palestine (PFLP). Abu-Sharif suggested this name because it was a Spanish corruption of the Arabic name Khalil (Abraham – brought to Spain by the Moors). “The Jackal” was added later on by the media. The name was taken from a fictional character in Frederick Forsyth’s novel “the Day of the Jackal”. Carlos had a copy of this book along with other belongings in one of his safe houses in London.

2. Give a brief description of the group(s) he or she was involved in including their underlying ideology:

The PFLP: A Marxist-Leninist and revolutionary socialist Palestinian
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Senior officials of the PFLP claimed that Carlos had received an enormous amount of money (estimated between 20 to 50 million) for not killing the two senior OPEC representatives.

9. Explain how and why the individual disengaged from terrorism:

Je was captured in 1994 in Sudan by agents of the Direction of Territorial Surveillance (DST). He is currently in prison serving two life sentences . He was found guilty of killing two French secret agents in 1975. He was also convicted of killing 11 people in a series of bomb attacks in the 1980’s. He never disengaged terrorist tactics. During his trial in 2007, he defended his terrorist tactics as “legal war”. He also praised Osama Bin Laden in a book he published called “Revolutionary Islam”

10. Did the individual ever re-engage in terrorism after a period of disengagement:

No. Countries like Iraq and Lybia stopped their support for Carlos’s group after he became too expensive. He and his wife moved to several countries including Hungary, Romania, Turkey and Damascus were they had a daughter. His final hideout was Sudan, where he was arrested by French secret service and transferred to Paris to face trial. He is currently serving two life sentences in a prison outside of

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