William Carlos Williams Poetry

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William Carlos Williams’ Poetry
I will explain William Carlos Williams’s life and his imagist style. And also I will give an examples from ‘’Spring and All’’. The characteristic Williams style emerged clearly in the landmark volume of mixed prose and poetry ‘’Spring and All’’
Firstly I want to start with his life, William Carlos Williams thought of himself as the most underrated poet of his generation. His reputation has risen since World War II as a younger generation of poets testified to the influence of his work on their idea of what poetry should be. The simplicity of his verse forms the matter of factness of both his subject matter and his means of describing it, seemed to bring poetry into natural relation with everyday life. He is
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This type of poetry came during the Modernism in poetry. At the beginning of 1900s, poets finished the old tradition way of writing and they started to a new movement named Modernism. They changed the style and matter of poetry by rhyme and meter. Some modernist poets started to focalize on imagery poetry. In old tradition, poems should have been written with huge and splendent words an then they are connected to ideas or theme. But some Modernists decided to write their poems with everyday objects and words. They thought to describe things with a simple…show more content…
Also in imagist poetry, poets didn’t talk about the themes around image, they allows the image itself be the focus of the poem. In addition to William Carlos Williams there were famous American poets that wrote in imagist style like Ezra Pound, Amy Lowell and Hilda Doolittle. We can say the basic rules of imagism with Ezra Pound’s words; According to her, there were three basic rules for imagism; Direct treatment of the subject, Use no word that doesn’t contribute to the presentation and compose in the rhythm of the musical, phrase, not in the rhythm of the metronome. In the other words she said about imagism that, the poem can dealt directly with what is being talked about like directly treatment of the subject. And the poem should contains few words as possible. Also she said about rhythms that should be create new rhythms rather than traditional
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